iTunes 10 Icon Replacement

After downloading the new iTunes 10, I hated the new iTunes 10 icon as much as the next person. So when I saw a retweet of Chris Carlozzi’s first attempt on Dribble I thought a viable alternative was pretty close.

After another day of waiting for Chris to release something, and perhaps not looking hard enough for a download link, I got impatient and saved out the icon myself. Unfortunately it’s made from the 300×300 preview on Dribble (Chris did a pretty killer version 2), so the icon is not crisp above that resolution. A small sacrifice given how crappy Apples version is.

Full credit goes to Chris Carlozzi (Web / Dribble / Twitter), I just used Icon Composer in OS X to save it out.

iTunes 10 alternative icon

Preview of the iTunes 10 alternative icon for Mac OS X

Instructions to use:

  • Sorry, lost this download 🙁
  • Get CandyBar (from Panic) and install
  • Drag the icon you just downloaded and unziped into CandyBar
  • Click “Applications” in Candy Bar and drag the new iTunes icon onto iTunes in Candy Bar
  • Click “Apply Icons”
  • You might need a re-start or log-out/log-in to see it in action
  • Enjoy a fancy new iTunes icon
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