Living in the Future

I was buzzing through the news today, and it seems we are living in the future. So I stopped what I was doing and started blogging it (which according to Paul Boutin is apparently very old school and ancient history).

We’ve got robots that look insanely like real people, scientists think they have figure out DNA self assembly, Lockheed Martin has begun testing a HULC robotic exoskeleton and mind controlledΒ Bionic Arms. This is all very exciting stuff.

One final thought: If you add all of these together, what do you get? Robots that mimic humans + DNA self assembly + robo-exoskeletons + clever bionic limbs….Β Who needs humans anymore anyway….

Robots that look real

Self Assembling DNA

Self Assembling DNA

NC State announced a new DNA discovery that could one day make it possible to get vital drugs to hard-to-reach places within your body. Researchers from the university have purportedly discovered the ‘Goldilocks’ of DNA self-assembly, which holds promise for technologies ranging from drug delivery to molecular sensors. Read more on engadget.

HULC robotic exoskeleton

HULC Exoskeleton

Robotic Exoskeleton. Nuff said. Read more here

Bionic Arms

Awesome next generation Bionic Arm

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