Googles New Preview Feature

I like it when Google release new features. They don’t make a big fuss about it, they don’t even tell their staff it’s coming. They just switch it on and hope we see it.

One of the new features on Google is the website preview function. Hit the little magnifying glass icon next to the title of your search result and a preview of the page appears to the right.

Preview Button is highlighted

Another cool feature is the location based search where the map now appears on the right of the search results. This map did exist on top of the organic search results.

The issue a lot of people are going to have with this is that the preview of websites go over the Google paid ads, and the map that pops up for location based results pushes the paid ads down. Previously, this map would pup up on the left above the organic results. I think this means the organic results have won/are more important.

So how to the people contributing to Google’s biggest earnings feel? At the Google Africa seminar this week, Wooky (from Google) was asked this very question and mentioned something along the lines that there was no stats to show a negative impact on the paid ads, but they were listening.

Take a look at the screenshots below and make up your own mind.

Google Search - Accommodation

Googles new website preview covers Googles sponsored results

Google Search - Accommodation Cape Town

A Google Search with Map AND Site Preview

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