QR Codes aren’t always a good idea

If you love with iTunes but happen to live in a country where iTunes doesn’t have all the apps or music (eg. South Africa), or simply want to use the American iTunes store, you’re going down a path that leads to frustration.

It’s easy enough to change or set up a US iTunes account whilst being in South Africa, but buying music or apps is difficult because you have to use the loophole of buying US iTunes vouchers.

The problem with buying iTunes vouchers outside of the US is that it involves finding a site that sells the vouchers. This normally involves paying a (very annoying and sometimes expensive) commission for the privilege. This is one such site: Maximus Cards.

The good news is you can buy iTunes vouchers, for face value, with a South African credit card from Best Buy. Sweet.

Update 1: I tried my second order yesterday and the order was cancelled by Best Buy because they could not verify my details. I have a feeling it’s got something to do with using their address for international orders. I have gotten in touch with them to find a way to fix the problem.

Update 2: So we’ve heard that this method is definitely not possible anymore.Β Nice while it lasted though.

Just make sure you buy one which is marked “Digital Delivery” and keep in mind it’s not instant – my order took roughly 8 hours. A bit of time waiting is the price you pay for saving some money. Definitely worth it if you are buying bigger vouchers less frequently.

There is a trick though. When you sign up for your account you have to use the following details as your billing address and telephone number:


So… This is the magic link: Apple iTunes Vouchers Digital Delivery on Best Buy.

For those that need their hands held, below are step by step screenshots.

Find the iTunes Voucher you want (Digital Delivery) and add to cart

What the Cart should look like

Create an account for yourself

Fill in your details, be sure to use 77043 for your zip code

Use your own name and the details in the screengrab for the billing address

Punch in your email address (where you want to receive the voucher code)

Punch in your credit card details

Review your order. If you did everything right, you should just hit next.

This is the page you see when BestBuy is processing your payment.

The thank you page you should see. If you don’t get here, try figure out what went wrong and start again.

Email confirmation of your order. This does not include the voucher number.

This is what the email with the voucher number in. Mine came through ~8 hours after I placed the order.

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