Facebook Tackles Vast Amount of Data With Project Prism

Since the beginning of the internet the amount of information available has snowballed. This has lead to data centres having to deal with with more and more information. The corporations who have had to deal with massively growing amounts of data (and moving it around globally) have had to come up with incredibly brilliant ways […]

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Icon for Mac OS X

I just bought a Black 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable external hard drive to keep a Time Machine backup while I am on the moveĀ and I wanted to have a lovely little icon that popped up each time I plugged it in. As I did before, I tried to find an icon to use on […]

WooCommerce Quotes instead of Orders

I recently helped set up a website for a client that sells rubber products (hose, pipes, matts etc). Their prices change daily as exchange rates and oil prices fluctuate – the changes are so important to their business they have an employee that sits at a computer all day to change product prices in their […]

Liqui-Fruit iCan responsive WordPress website

Liqui-Fruit iCan Home Page

I assisted Liqui-Fruit with some digital work to server their iCan product which is a new line that donates R1.00 for every can purchased to Operation Smile. Then for every R5,500.00 donated to Operation Smile South Africa the organisation facilitates corrective facial surgery to help give a child their smile back. It’s an awesome product […]

Yardley CurviLicious Mascara Facebook Tab

I am very proud to share a small promotion we (Bester Burke) did for Yardley to announce a new mascara variant called CurviliLicious. The campaign mechanic was to give away 100 of the new mascaras and emphasise the payoff line “Dramatically Curved Lashes”. We decided to use Facebook to facilitate the entries as there was […]

Facebook App Template PSD for Photoshop for new Timeline

Since Facebook launched Timeline a few things have changed. One of the things that has changed is the iFrame app layout, which is now wider. So today I knocked up a vector, layered template PSD for the new wide Facebook apps. I am sharing it here, for free. I hope it saves you some time. […]

Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop

So Facebook went ahead and updated their layout again, which makes my “Latest Facebook Page Template in a Layered Photoshop Doc” post a touch outdated. If you have been doing any Facebook cover photo mockups for the new timeline, you might like the new Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop I knocked up today. […]

QR Codes aren’t always a good idea

If you love with iTunes but happen to live in a country where iTunes doesn’t have all the apps or music (eg. South Africa), or simply want to use the American iTunes store, you’re going down a path that leads to frustration. It’s easy enough to change or set up a US iTunes account whilst […]

Glowing Man

This is a beautifully captured video of a lone snowboarder moving down a mountain in the French Alps at night wearing an LED suit. Glowing Man HD from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

Drostdy-Hof Facebook App Concept

I worked with the creative studio at Bester Burke to put together a creative concept for a Facebook app for the South African wine brand Drostdy-Hof. The payoff line for the brand is “Every year is a good year” and the concept for the Facebook app was for it to allow users to create a […]