Hoity Toity Facebook and Radio Campaign

I designed and built a Facebook app that allowed Facebook fans of the Léntheric brand, Hoity Toity, to send a secret love message on Valentines day. Then as a bonus 10 lucky winners would have their secret message read out on 5FM, South Africa’s largest radio station, by the brand icon Lola. I was finding […]

The grass is greener on the other side

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to increasingly value the often limited personal time I have. Saying ‘no’ and not over committing to things is something I’ve finally learned to do and I feel extremely privileged to be in such a strong position to do so. On the flip side, I really do love my […]

The Camry Effect

Great work by Saatch & Saatchi [LA] and Resn who created site for The Camry Effect. Camry Owners across the US were asked to share their stories, their experiences and their special moments which happened behind the wheel of their Camry’s. These collective moments created a greater whole they call the ‘Camry Effect‘. The site is […]

Getting started with MAMP on a Mac

This is a neat little trick I learned while using MAMP over a network that I wanted to share. It is not intended to be a post for beginners, but for someone who already knows how to use mamp and setup a database. If you want to browse your working files in MAMP you normally open […]

Helping out the bloating web

In a world where the internet is growing at an astounding rate, we have access to much more content than we ever did before. Every day there is more content online. Every day search engines are indexing more and more pages, and that means publishers are competing even harder for their share of voice in […]

Bester Burke WordPress Site


Bester Burke is an above the line advertising agency and is part of the Bester Burke Slingers group and I was head of digital for the group when I budgeted as well as project managed the design and development of the companies corporate website. The project was built in WordPress and was designed to showcase […]

Kurt Geiger Summer 2012

Kurt Geiger Summer 2012

I’ve worked with Kurt Geiger since 2010 developing their digital assets. This design is the first iteration of the Magento eCommerce website for their 2012 Summer Collection launch. Each page was designed in extra detail to be more modular and the layout to act like a canvas for the content, the idea is that it […]

Wiimote and Balance board game for Fruittree

This project was part of a brand building exercise for Fruitree Juices to emphasise the “Shake Your Fruitree” campaign line that rolled out on Facebook, Mobile Web, SMS, Out Of Home (Forecourts), Mall Activations and TV Flightings. My role was to work with the creative team to plan the digital executions and to see the […]

Yardley WordPress Website

I oversaw the design and development of the Yardley corporate website. The project is built in WordPress and serves as a catalogue for the entire Yardley London cosmetics and fragrance ranges and is used to promote news and promotional information.

Google hits a billion visitors in May

Found this great article on CNET about Google hitting a billion visitors in May. What I found pretty interesting was that out of the 1,009,699,000 visitors in May 2011, 13.5 percent of the visitors were made up by South African users. That’s roughly 13.6 Million visitors from South Africa. What’s interesting is that the population […]