Googles New Preview Feature

I like it when Google release new features. They don’t make a big fuss about it, they don’t even tell their staff it’s coming. They just switch it on and hope we see it. One of the new features on Google is the website preview function. Hit the little magnifying glass icon next to the […]

Ceres Square Facebook Game

I project managed the design and development of a Facebook game for Ceres Fruit Juice. The game allowed Facebook fans to play the game and participate in the leader board by scoring the most points. The players with the highest scores won great prizes.

Living in the Future

I was buzzing through the news today, and it seems we are living in the future. So I stopped what I was doing and started blogging it (which according to Paul Boutin is apparently very old school and ancient history). We’ve got robots that look insanely like real people, scientists think they have figure out […]

Ambi Pur Augmented Reality

Ambi Pur went the extra mile to add value to shoppers experience by using Augmented Reality for an in-store activation. I wrote a post about Augmented Reality a while back questioning whether the platform is being used as a gimmick are adding utility and I feel this is a good example of how the technology […]

Stolen Thunder

The South African mobile operator scene just got shaken up.. Again. On top of Cell-C’s crazy expensive (R160 million) advertising campaign of recent months, Telkom just went ahead and launched a new mobile network. Some might say #Boom at this point

Juice Packaging Design For Kids

Love this package design

Two Dry Sticks in Advantage Magazine

I just found a press release in Advantage magazine with a small snippet about what I am working on at the moment – Two Dry Sticks.

Film and 3D for the discerning viewer

As 3D gets better and better it becomes harder for the observer to discern what has been filmed, and what has been created in 3D. Blurring the lines of reality makes it easy to suspend disbelief and become more immersed in the story being told. Good for storytellers. This is a nice example of really […]


Ever needed to log into multiple accounts (Facebook/Twitter/Google) in the same browser? Multifox lets you create multiple unique identities, or sessions, all from one browser.

iTunes 10 Icon Replacement

Hate the new iTunes 10 icon? Download an alternative here 🙂