The After Hours Athletes

Since the nineties PUMA made their money from positioning themselves as a fashion brand rather than a sports brand, which is clever when you consider that only 10% of all sportswear sales are actually used for sport. Watch the video….

Augmented Reality – Gimmick or Utility

There is a bit of a buzz surrounding Augmented reality at the moment and how brands can leverage this technology to engage consumers. This article looks at what Augmented reality is, what you can do with it, what technologies are available and how we can transcend gimmicks and add utility to brands through Augmented Reality.

Always Open Links In New Tabs In Safari (5)

I thought this was definitely blogworthy, rather than just going out in a tweet. I love Safari, I use it as my main browser mainly because I like Webkit (like CSS3 and html 5 support), fast Javascript Rendering, and the activity monitor. But I’ve always hated it when I click a link in another application […]

Seagate FreeAgent Icon for Mac OS X

I just knocked up a Mac OS X icon for my new Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive. Me being me I thought I would share it with the world and spend 15 minutes writing a post about it. Read more, download and enjoy đŸ™‚


WP-Supersleight is the second Wordpress plugin I have written. It simply allows really easy deployment of the popular IE PNG Fix solution Superleight to any Wordpress Blog. I also avoids having to put files outside of your wp-content folder, and will embed correctly regardless of the domain you are running your Wordpress installation on.

Uncapped Internate Usage

I always thought that uncapped internet was something I had left behind in the UK 4 years ago. Alas, unlimited internet has arrived in South Africa, and things are looking bright.

Amarula Trust Website for Liquorice

Amarula Trust

Through a digital agency called Liquorice in Cape Town I did the front end development (xhtml/css/javascript) and b Back end development (WordPress) for the Amarula Trust website. Screenshots are below.

Admin Custom Styles

Part of my job is to build websites for clients, and part of the job it to hand over a polished website my client can be proud of and does their brand justice. I love WordPress, but I also like to be able to use either my brand or my clients brand for the WordPress login […]

Amarula Trust WordPress Theme Development

Home Page

I did the front end coding (XHTML/CSS) and WordPress Development of this project for digital agency “Liqourice” in Cape Town. It was a nice project, being for the Amarula Trust and was one of the smoothest projects I have worked on through an agency. Really well project managed and client serviced. Screenshots below.

Chasewaterford Personnel Design and WordPress Development


When I was running my own web design/development company I was approached by Chasewaterford to design them a new website. The key was for them to easily update job postings whilst being sensitive as their clients and potential candidates were very senior in the risk and security industry. The natural choice was WordPress so my […]