The Impact Of Facebook Ads

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years it’s virtually impossible to ignore just how fast Facebook has grown. The social network has become ubiquitous in internet users’ personal lives, and most digital professionals’ lives too. The speed at which the social network has grown is impressive, so I thought I’d take some time […]

Social Media Management – not as glamorous as you think

I don’t run the 5Rooms Facebook page, but they do a fantastic job. Then again, they have to do a fantastic job, they are a digital retailer. This screen grab is an example of the extremely time consuming nature of social media management. Every questions gets answered, even ones where the answer is staring the […]

Facebook Tackles Vast Amount of Data With Project Prism

Since the beginning of the internet the amount of information available has snowballed. This has lead to data centres having to deal with with more and more information. The corporations who have had to deal with massively growing amounts of data (and moving it around globally) have had to come up with incredibly brilliant ways […]

Yardley CurviLicious Mascara Facebook Tab

I am very proud to share a small promotion we (Bester Burke) did for Yardley to announce a new mascara variant called CurviliLicious. The campaign mechanic was to give away 100 of the new mascaras and emphasise the payoff line “Dramatically Curved Lashes”. We decided to use Facebook to facilitate the entries as there was […]

Facebook App Template PSD for Photoshop for new Timeline

Since Facebook launched Timeline a few things have changed. One of the things that has changed is the iFrame app layout, which is now wider. So today I knocked up a vector, layered template PSD for the new wide Facebook apps. I am sharing it here, for free. I hope it saves you some time. […]

Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop

So Facebook went ahead and updated their layout again, which makes my “Latest Facebook Page Template in a Layered Photoshop Doc” post a touch outdated. If you have been doing any Facebook cover photo mockups for the new timeline, you might like the new Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop I knocked up today. […]

Drostdy-Hof Facebook App Concept

I worked with the creative studio at Bester Burke to put together a creative concept for a Facebook app for the South African wine brand Drostdy-Hof. The payoff line for the brand is “Every year is a good year” and the concept for the Facebook app was for it to allow users to create a […]

Hoity Toity Facebook and Radio Campaign

I designed and built a Facebook app that allowed Facebook fans of the Léntheric brand, Hoity Toity, to send a secret love message on Valentines day. Then as a bonus 10 lucky winners would have their secret message read out on 5FM, South Africa’s largest radio station, by the brand icon Lola. I was finding […]

Latest Facebook Page Template in a Layered Photoshop Doc

If you are in need of a new template to design your Facebook pages then look no further. I spent a few minutes putting together a proper layered photoshop document of the latest Facebook page layout. Go ahead and download it.

Hi-Tec on Facebook

Hi-Tec seem to be doing it right with Social Media. Take a read about their latest Facebook app.