Pennypinchers Website

My company at the time redesigned the Pennypinchers website. It was a fairly large project which some unique problems to solve.

The first was the website was hosted internally on a 128kbit Diginet line that was shared by the support office. This resulted in very poor connectivity to the outside world, with multiple timed out and unsuccessful connections.

The other was SEO, as the old version of the site had several coding issues. So the new site was a fairly large xhtml/css project (60+ pages) that resulted in a good long term client and traffic growth. The site had ±200 visits per month which organically grew to over 6000 visits per month by 2010.

Below are screenshots of the design.

Pennypinchers Homepage

Pennypinchers Homepage

Pennypinchers Products

Pennypinchers Products Page

Pennypinchers Contact

Pennypinchers Find a Store Page


Pennypinchers Province Page

Pennypinchers Store Page

Pennypinchers Store Page

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