Always Open Links In New Tabs In Safari (5)

I thought this was definitely blogworthy, rather than just going out in a tweet.

I love Safari, I use it as my main browser mainly because I like Webkit (like CSS3 and html 5 support), fast Javascript Rendering, and the activity monitor. But I’ve always hated it when I click a link in another application and it opens in a new window instead of a new tab.

There are solutions to fix Safari always opening another window for new links, but in Safari 5, you can make this choice through Safaris built in preferences.

So If you’re a fan of tabbed browsing,head over to your Tab Preferences (Safari > Preferences > Tabs) and select Always from the drop-down menu that says Open pages in tabs instead of windows.

Tab settings in Safari 5

Tab settings in Safari 5

Once you’ve done that you will get a pop-down menu that asks if you’re sure you want to change this setting. By selecting Always Create Tabs, Safari 5 will open everything in new tabs instead of new windows.

Are you sure you want to always create tabs? Heck Yes!

Are you sure you want to always create tabs? Heck Yes!

And if you accidently close a tab, Command+Z reopens the tab. Magical.

In my opinion, this should be a default setting.

Big thanks to Mac Life for the article about 17 cool new features in Safari 5.0 which reveals this little gem.

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