Juice Packaging Design For Kids

Jooze is a fictional company that manufactures fresh fruit juices, catered especially to kindergarten and primary school students. It is a company that believes that healthy eating habits should begin at a very young age.

The shape of the logo is inspired by the shape of a sliced fruit, and the handwritten typeface used is to portray a sense of fun, hands-on personality and characteristic that appeals to kids and toddlers. The logo also consists of singular bright colours, which may vary depending on the flavour of the juice. This would hopefully be a recognisable icon whereby children can relate and connect to the brand.

A simplified illustration of the fruits are to further clarify the flavours, to add visual aesthetics, and to appeal and connect to the target audience.

The juice box is shaped in an unconventional way to incorporate the essence of the logo, to gain instant recognition from the audience, and to capture their attention, especially if this product is placed alongside other juices on the supermarket shelves.

I stumbled across this juice packaging concept (via @empteastudio) and loved the concept enough to share it with the guys in the creative studio.

Nicholas Soper

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  • Hi Sandra,
    This packaging design was actually by a student in Australia called Yunyeen Yong.

    I’ll get in touch by email 🙂

  • sandra

    Love the design..is this something that we can perhaps develop further?? I run a small juice business from Stellenbosch and am looking at re-branding and growing into the retail market in the near future. Are you interested in having a chat?