Dream Makers Microsite

Alexander Forbes rebranded and wanted to run an internal campaign to promote the new brand identity to the thousands of individuals based in South Africa, England, Europe and Africa. The campaign was called Dream Makers and allowed employees, all over the world, to share their dream by uploading a photo as well as browse through other employees dreams. The surprise was one of those dreams came true.

The site concept and designed was done by the agency creative studio and was built in Flash/PHP/MySQL.

Below are screenshots from the live site during the campaign.

Dreamcatchers Starfield

Dreamcatchers Enter Competition


Dreamcatchers Dreams Gallery Large

Dreamcatchers AV

Dreamcatchers Technical Support

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I love helping people and solving problems. I am currently working on:
A Cape Town Fibre ISP – Atomic Access
Borderless Blockchain Mobile Network Operator – World Mobile
From England and currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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