Career Assessments

When I was 13 (or the 3rd year in the English system) I did a “career assessment” and based on the outcome of that test I had to write an assignment on a job that was tailored to my psychological and academic profile.

The test results came back and I was told I would be good at being a Systems Analyst or a Forensic Scientist. So with that expert advice I ignored it and wrote an essay on being a Surf Instructor. The essay had an awesome cover page with an illustrated surfer and title graphic typography. Looking back, I must have been a rock star kid, or an asshole squandering my potential.

17 years later I still surf, do awesome designs and love good typography.

Nicholas Soper

About Nicholas

I am passionate about working in tech, travel, solving problems and helping people. I also love being active, surfing and being outside. From England and currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Say hi! Learn more about Nick.