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Evernote smartnotebook moleskineI was reading on PopScoop that Moleskine and Evernote have teamed up to introduce a new product on the border between an iconic notebook and modern technology.

The idea is you can use your smartphone to take a snapshot taken with the Evernote’s App, then handwritten words and sketches found inside the new Evernote Smart Notebook can easily be transformed into content that can be shared by other users. Very cool indeed.

But as cool as it is, I think people should be buying the notebook. It’s cheaper, kids in Africa are getting schoolbooks. It’s also a little cheaper which makes it all worth while.

In addition to being a good cause, the books have a really cool feature. Dots. The pages are not lined or blank, they are dotted. In their own words:

The dotted page displays lines when you are looking for them, and a blank page when you aren’t.

So take a look at both of them, I’d recommend contributing for a good cause. I know what my next notebook is going to be.

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