Another Personal Website Redesign

A lot of people more successful than me have been touting the benefits of blogging regularly. I am particularly bad at keeping a journal or writing down the insightful things that fill my head. Except for paying clients, in which case I am pretty good.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot more flat and thin designs for client projects at Fontera and freelance which meant every time I looked at my personal blog (this site) I was gutted. I am the type of designer who falls in love with the design of my own website, but only for about a day. Then I hate it. So this morning I decided to re-design my site keeping the design Β clean, simplifying the typography and adding some sneaky nice things. Less stuff to want to redesign means it should have a bit more staying power.

I’m sure the 6 people that read this will be super happy I took the time to blog. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

My Website Update


Nicholas Soper's Website 😎

About Nicholas

I love helping people and solving problems. I am currently working on:
A Cape Town Fibre ISP – Atomic Access
Borderless Blockchain Mobile Network Operator – World Mobile
From England and currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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