Latest Facebook Page Template in a Layered Photoshop Doc

If you are in the social media space, you probably know Facebook updated their Facebook Page layout recently (read more about that here). This means if you have had a Photoshop template to design your Facebook Tabs/Apps, you probably need a new one.

If you are in need of a new template then look no further. I spent a few minutes putting together a proper layered photoshop document of the latest Facebook page layout. So go ahead and download it.

Update: I made some minor changes to the photoshop document, cleaning up a miss-spelt folder name and making the icons on the left transparent.

Update 2: I have created a new Photoshop document for the Facebook Canvas page (the one you use to make Facebook Apps). I hope it helps.

Update 3: I forgot to put the “Like” button in the Facebook page template, so I added that and updated the zip. Always useful if you want to show how the page will look before someone has “Liked” your page.

Update 4: Just added in the the category title under the page name, and modified the width of the app. If you want to play it extra safe make the app 495px wide, the app width in the PSD is 520px. If you want to use the max width you’ll need to use the FB Javascript SDK and set FB.Canvas.setAutoResize(); and well as FB.Canvas.scrollTo(0,0); (I might write a post about how to get rid of the scroll bars for Facebook apps if I can get around to it).

Update 5: Looks like these are out of date now, but I did a Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop.

Update 6: I created a new Facebook App Template PSD for Photoshop which works with the new timeline layout.

Download Links:

Photoshop Facebook Page Template

Here is a preview of the Facebook Page Template:


Preview of the Facebook Page template

Facebook Timeline Cover and Profile Template (122 downloads)

Photoshop Facebook Canvas (App) Template

Here is a preview of the Facebook Canvas Page Template:

Facebook Canvas App Template Preview

Facebook Canvas App Template Preview

FB Page Photoshop Template Timeline App v2.1 (136 downloads)

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