Liqui-Fruit iCan responsive WordPress website

I assisted Liqui-Fruit with some digital work to server their iCan product which is a new line that donates R1.00 for every can purchased to Operation Smile. Then for every R5,500.00 donated to Operation Smile South Africa the organisation facilitates corrective facial surgery to help give a child their smile back. It’s an awesome product for an awesome cause!

I managed the production of a mobile adaptive website to serve as a brief explanation of the product as well as a “Smile-O-Meter” on a big screen at the Good Food and Wine Festival 2012. The stall had AV screens explaining the product, charity and cause, as well as a picture wall where show visitors had their picture taken, printed and pinned the picture to the wall.

Screenshots and pictures below.

Good Food and Wine Show Stall

The iCan stall at the Good Food and Wine Show (Website Smile-O-Meter on the big screen in the middle)

Good Food and Wine Show Picture Wall

iCan picture wall

Liqui-Fruit iCan Home Page

iCan website homepage

Liqui-Fruit iCan Help Us Make A Difference

iCan Smile-O-Meter

Liqui-Fruit iCan Home Page Mobile

Adaptive iCan website screenshot from a smartphone

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