Seagate Backup Plus Portable Icon for Mac OS X

I just bought a Black 1TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable external hard drive to keep a Time Machine backup while I am on the move and I wanted to have a lovely little icon that popped up each time I plugged it in.

As I did before, I tried to find an icon to use on Google but I couldn’t find a decent one. Instead of googling and googling, I thought I would just go ahead and quickly make one myself. I got a decent image through the product page (link) and I used the same process as I did before which is Photoshop -> Icon Composer (need X-Tools) -> Candybar. Unfortunately this icon only goes up to 512 x 512, partly due to the image I could get off the Seagate website and partly due to me not updating my software.

I started off with the black vertical icon, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted my icon to be so boring, so I did the angled version of the icon too. Then I decided to be kind and do the remaining colours in the range for anyone else who wanted them.

Disclaimer: If you don’t know how to change an icon in Mac OS X, read this article and watch the video.

Download Link

Seagate Backup Plus Portable Icon (9289 downloads)

Got to 8564 downloads before I had to fix the link 😎

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