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I started the marketing department at Fontera together with Steve Jones. My responsibilities include managing digital marketing services, leading and managing the design team, insights and looking for innovative opportunities and solutions. But in the beginning the priority saw with ย optimising new and existing projects.

The first project that needed attention was Fontera’s corporate website. It’s the first point of reference when prospective clients are looking at starting a business relationship with Fontera, so the corporate website plays a big role in giving new clients the confidence to initiate a business relationship.

I designed and developed a responsive (adaptive) WordPress theme for’s corporate website which uses clear and clean visual language to communicate what Fontera’s core services are, and what kind of work they do. The website scales gracefully to display on smartphones (using CSS media queries), so projects, services and getting in touch can be easily done from any smartphone.

Responsibilities include:

  • Child Theme Design
  • HTML/CSS development
  • Content Design and Creation
  • Additional work roles are in my resume which are not associated with the website

Screenshots below.

Fontera Digital Works. Magento eCommerce, Application Development, Mobisite Development
App Development - Fontera

Portfolio Archive - Fontera

Golf Weather - Fontera

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I love helping people and solving problems. I am currently working on:
A Cape Town Fibre ISP โ€“ Atomic Access
Borderless Blockchain Mobile Network Operator โ€“ World Mobile
From England and currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.
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