Crowdtilt App Concept Design

Crowd Tilt is a startup in San Francisco that provides a platform for groups to fund anything they want. They have have had a few rounds of funding that puts them into the tens of millions of dollars ballpark and have all the right names on their investor list.

I was very privileged to be asked by the James Beshara, the CEO of Crowd Tilt, to provide concept mockups and prototype for an upcoming app. The brief was not to design the app, but for them to get an outside perspective on how to display the information and generally be given a bunch of ideas.

I had great fun working on the project. The app looks different from the designs I did, I personally think they did a great job and I’m grateful to have given some inspiration to their talented design team.

Crowdtilt iOS App Design Crowdtilt iOS App Login Screen Crowdtilt iOS App Menu Design

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