WooCommerce Quotes instead of Orders

I recently helped set up a website for a client that sells rubber products (hose, pipes, matts etc). Their prices change daily as exchange rates and oil prices fluctuate – the changes are so important to their business they have an employee that sits at a computer all day to change product prices in their […]

Yardley WordPress Website

I oversaw the design and development of the Yardley corporate website. The project is built in WordPress and serves as a catalogue for the entire Yardley London cosmetics and fragrance ranges and is used to promote news and promotional information.


WP-Supersleight is the second Wordpress plugin I have written. It simply allows really easy deployment of the popular IE PNG Fix solution Superleight to any Wordpress Blog. I also avoids having to put files outside of your wp-content folder, and will embed correctly regardless of the domain you are running your Wordpress installation on.

Admin Custom Styles

Part of my job is to build websites for clients, and part of the job it to hand over a polished website my client can be proud of and does their brand justice. I love WordPress, but I also like to be able to use either my brandΒ or my clients brand for the WordPress login […]