3D Video Mapping Projection

This might be a little old, but I just got sent this video of Samsung’s 3D projection onto a building in the Netherlands. It’s quite an interesting application of projection into a 3D surface, and they really went the whole hog on integrating social media and location based apps. Below is the video and below […]

Film and 3D for the discerning viewer

As 3D gets better and better it becomes harder for the observer to discern what has been filmed, and what has been created in 3D. Blurring the lines of reality makes it easy to suspend disbelief and become more immersed in the story being told. Good for storytellers. This is a nice example of really […]

Augmented Reality – Gimmick or Utility

There is a bit of a buzz surrounding Augmented reality at the moment and how brands can leverage this technology to engage consumers. This article looks at what Augmented reality is, what you can do with it, what technologies are available and how we can transcend gimmicks and add utility to brands through Augmented Reality.