Ceres 30s Animatic


I was briefed by Ceres Fruit Juices to create a 30 second animation to promote their 200ml packs as great lunchbox additions. The video was used nationwide in trade outlets. 200ml Animatic from Nicholas Soper on Vimeo.

Glowing Man

This is a beautifully captured video of a lone snowboarder moving down a mountain in the French Alps at night wearing an LED suit. Glowing Man HD from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

3D Video Mapping Projection

This might be a little old, but I just got sent this video of Samsung’s 3D projection onto a building in the Netherlands. It’s quite an interesting application of projection into a 3D surface, and they really went the whole hog on integrating social media and location based apps. Below is the video and below […]

Film and 3D for the discerning viewer

As 3D gets better and better it becomes harder for the observer to discern what has been filmed, and what has been created in 3D. Blurring the lines of reality makes it easy to suspend disbelief and become more immersed in the story being told. Good for storytellers. This is a nice example of really […]

The After Hours Athletes

Since the nineties PUMA made their money from positioning themselves as a fashion brand rather than a sports brand, which is clever when you consider that only 10% of all sportswear sales are actually used for sport. Watch the video….