Cart Republic MVP


I am proud to share a project I built  called Cart Republic. The project was a brain child of a few things from my design process coming together but the final motivation (for spending the time to build it) was a chat I had with Rob Hope who made One Page Love. Why? When starting an eCommerce […]

Turnpics Smartphone Site


Turnpics is a South African company that provides a service which generates “interactive, seamless 360˚ product experiences”. They have software that takes pictures of anything in 360˚ and then they create an interactive digital version of it to put it online. If you ever had doubts about your online store providing enough sway for users […]

Getting started with MAMP on a Mac

This is a neat little trick I learned while using MAMP over a network that I wanted to share. It is not intended to be a post for beginners, but for someone who already knows how to use mamp and setup a database. If you want to browse your working files in MAMP you normally open […]

Ceres Juice WordPress Website

The Ceres Juice company desperately needed a fresh new website that allowed consumers and distributors from South Africa and around the world to learn about their brand and see their products online. The project was built in WordPress and was designed to showcase the Ceres product range and benefits as well as infuse the feeling […]

Ceres Square Facebook Game

I project managed the design and development of a Facebook game for Ceres Fruit Juice. The game allowed Facebook fans to play the game and participate in the leader board by scoring the most points. The players with the highest scores won great prizes.