How Operational Changes Can Boost Online Sales


When trying to improve revenue on an eCommerce website the focus for digital agencies tends to be on improving the funnel. After all, tactics that are designed to improve the funnelĀ shouldĀ lead to increased revenue. This includes thingsĀ like making buttons clearer, doing usability studies, improving page-load speeds and so on. Even if the changes result in […]

Notes from Wordcamp Cape Town 2013

Yesterday I went toĀ the Wordcamp Cape Town 2013. It was a lovely experience and day out of the office. Firstly whoever had the idea to book Nicholas Smal & Gareth Allison as the MC’s had a stroke of genius. They brought great comedy, woven with a tasteful level of nerdiness that the audience loved. From […]

Crowdtilt App Concept Design


Crowd Tilt is a startup in San Francisco that provides a platform for groups to fund anything they want. They have have had a few rounds of funding that puts them into the tens of millions of dollars ballpark and have all the right names on their investor list. I was very privileged to be […]

Kurt Geiger Website (Summer 2013)

Summer 2013 Homepage Design

I’ve worked with Kurt Geiger since 2010 developing their digital assets. This design is the 4th iteration of the Magento eCommerce website for their 2013 Summer Collection launch. This seasons design was iterative and meant to polish and improve on various user experience elements of the site and introduce the new seasonal feel. Responsibilities include: […]

Turnpics Smartphone Site


Turnpics is a South African company that provides a service which generates “interactive, seamless 360Ėš product experiences”. They have software that takes pictures of anything in 360Ėš and then they create an interactive digital version of it to put it online. If you ever had doubts about your online store providing enough sway for users […]

Another Personal Website Redesign

My Website Update

A lot of people more successful than me have been touting the benefits of blogging regularly. I am particularly bad at keeping a journal or writing down the insightful things that fill my head. Except for paying clients, in which case I am pretty good. Recently I’ve been doing a lot more flat and thin […]

Why you should send your staff to SxSW Interactive

Recently I decided I wanted to learn more and get out the office, so I thought I’d go to a conference. I was not lucky enough to get the company I was working with to pay, so price was a big factor – individuals rarely have conference budgets (at least I do not know any […]

Quant Advisor UX Design


I did some data visualisation and UX concept work for a startup in Austin, Texas called QuantAdvisor. I worked closely with the CEO and product team to incorporate more useful visual data for investors portfolios. Screenshots below.

Thunda Website Design

I did the initial architecture and interface design for’s new website that leads on from the new functionality introduced in the iPhone and Android app. The website uses a masonry (think Pinterest) layout with infinite scroll and the number of columns will be responsive to the size of the users screen. The cool thing […]

Thunda iPhone App UX Design and Prototyping


I did the initial UX design (information architecture, visual design, interaction design and flow) for’s new iPhone app for The app changes the dynamic of the Thunda ecosystem by allowing users, ambassadors and club owners to upload photos of parties happening in their venue in real time. I am very happy with how […]